Candy Corn Peanut Crisp

This time of year you will see candy corn displayed everywhere.  This brightly colored candy has become part of the holiday mood. Although, I admit I'm not a huge fan of candy corn—with one exception:

Each year, my mom prepares a candy dish full of candy corn and dry roasted peanuts.  I find myself scooping out a handful every time I pass by that dish! There's something about the sweet and salty combination that makes the flavor irresistible.

When I created Flip2Tasty, my intent was to show readers that they can take any recipe (no matter how simple) and "flip" it into something healthy and lower in points.  It is also my endeavor to "flip" the belief that eating healthy means you're dieting; dieting is typically associated with sacrificing portion size and flavor.

I refuse to give up flavor just because I'm watching my weight.  I didn't lose 111 pounds by dieting, I just started eating better. Flip2Tasty aims to help you eat better, too—without having to adjust to bland flavor and smaller portion sizes!

My Candy Corn Peanut Crisp brings diverse flavors together into a unique blend.  This recipe is delicious and extremely easy to prepare.  I'll definitely stay out of Mom's candy dish this year, and stay a few pounds lighter!  Enjoy.  

 Servings: 32  Serving size: 1  Calories: 76  Fat: 2g  Carbs: 12g  Fiber: 0g  Protein: 0g  Sugar: 7g  Sodium: 70mg                              Old Points: 2  Points +: 2


  • 8 Marshmallow Crispy Treats, cut into quarters 
  • 64 Candy Corn, cut in half (lengthwise) 
  • 1/2 cup Dry Roasted Peanuts, fine chop
  • 8 Caramels, cut into quarters        
  1. With thumb, push down in center of treat to make a indention.
  2. Place 1/2 tsp of peanuts in the center.
  3. Place one candy corn on each corner. (large end of candy corn towards middle of treat)
  4. In middle, place one caramel.
  5. On microwave safe plate, equally space 8 treats.  
  6. Microwave on High for 20 seconds.  Remove.
  7. Carefully, push down on caramel, pressing peanuts and candy corn into hot treat. (treat will be hot)
  8. Cool.  Store in airtight container.     



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